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It’s that time again!


We are launching our fundraising campaign and Golfing for the Troops event!

We are so very appreciative of your support for our charity,

For Families of Active Military over the past several

years and we are asking again!


Hopefully, it continues to be within your budget to continue your very generous support of our Military Men and Women, through FFAM.

Our golf tournament is scheduled for

April 24, 2023 at the Alta Vista Country Club 


This event will include many residents and community partners from the surrounding cities and 4 teams of active military golfers.

Our goal is to continue to raise money to support the operations of 

The Lodge in Lake Arrowhead and our other programs,

with the dream to purchase a permanent residence sometime soon.


Since opening in January 2016, we have hosted nearly 500 military families!

Please contact me with any questions I may answer for you at 714-403-7165.

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